Friday, November 2, 2012

Pumpkin Carving!

So, I must confess that we bought our pumpkins at King Soopers. Sad, I know! We were supposed to go to the pumpkin farm with Avery's preschool for a field trip, but it snowed and the trip was cancelled. We decided just for this year we would skip going to the pumpkin farm. For one, Sophie still isn't quite old enough to fully enjoy experience and farms around here aren't cheap. It's not like Greeley, you go to a farm, pick out a pumpkin and pay for your pumpkins. Here you pay to enter the farm and for your pumpkins. Yes, they have a lot of fun activities for the kids, but a little steep in price in my opinion. Even adults have to pay...So, last minute, I took the girls to King Soopers so they could pick out their pumpkins! It worked for this year, but we will probably head to the farm next year!

All that to say, they picked out some cute pumpkins and we enjoyed carving them in PJ's together!

 They were both happy to have "happy" faces on their pumpkins!


Audra and Roger said...

Look at Sophie's pig tails!!! Such adorable girls...just like their momma:)

Steph Shaw said...

Good job carving girles!