Friday, November 9, 2012

Halloween 2012

Because Halloween fell on a dance class morning, Avery got to wear her costume. So of course our cute little pumpkin also wore her costume!

Can't get enough snuggles with these girls!

Waiting in the car for Daddy to meet us at Chipotle! 

If you know our family well, you know that we LOVE Chipotle! We decided to dress up in order to get $2 burritos. Even I (the person who hates dressing up) happily got in the Halloween Spirit and became a cat just so I could get a great deal at Chipotle! It was definitely worth it and I had fun making my last minute costume! The girls thought my cat ears, nose and whiskers were hilarious! So, at least I made them laugh!

Patiently waiting in line for our burritos!

 Our little pumpkin wasn't interested in photos!

 Ready to trick or treat! Sophie had enough of Halloween fun after going to two houses. She was so tired, so I took her home to go to bed while Gabe and Avery went trick or treating! Avery was so excited to go with Daddy! Last minute, Gabe decided to dress up as a Chipotle Burrito!

 Of course Avery was beyond excited about all of her treats!!

Gabe had to continue the Jenkins tradition of offering the "nasty treats". It's great to see the kids faces of confusion! Head over to Gabe's blog to read more about this fun tradition!

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Steph Shaw said...

What beauties! I love your smile & your pretty princess costume, Avery! And Sophie, you are the cutest pumpkin ever!