Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Family Visiting- Day 2

Since my brother and his family live in San Francisco, they wanted to be outside as much as possible while they were visiting. We were a bit limited because of the fire, but thankfully Garden of the Gods opened up just in time for us to take them there.

 Before heading to Garden of the Gods, Kyle and Avery had a full morning of playing "Mommy" and "Daddy"! 

 Sophie playing with Kyle's baseball tee.

 Snuggle time!

We hiked for about an hour, the kids did amazingly well for how far we walked. Kyle was so interested in everything he saw since he had never been to Garden of the Gods.

Avery had fun hiking with Kyle at her favorite place! She was devastated when Garden of the Gods was closed during the fire.

 Sophie got a good mouthful of dirt while we were eating our picnic. Wish I would've gotten a photo! 

 These two cousins are so cute together!

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