Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Catching up...

Hello! I'm going to spend some time catching up. 

At the beginning of June we had a garage sale which was mostly successful. It always feels so wonderful selling things we no longer use. I can't stand stuff just sitting around. Our garage sale fell on a cold and windy weekend so we ended up cutting it short the second day. Of course we had to treat ourselves to donuts! You definitely can't have a garage sale without yummy donuts! Avery loved setting up, tearing down and eating donuts; she was a great help! Sophie was a trooper too!

During the Waldo Canyon fire, we decided to head up to Denver to stay at my Dad's for a couple of days. It was nice to get away from the smoke, but our hearts were in Colorado Springs while we were gone. It was surreal to watch our city be so devastated by the fire on the news. Our good friend Laura lives in the Mountain Shadows neighborhood, but thankfully her house is still standing  The three directly behind her were gone, so they are very blessed to still have their home. Just the other day we went to see first hand the sad devastation of this fire. It was heartbreaking to see the many homes that are gone. We also saw many people going through the ashes of what used to be their home. Just heartbreaking!

After playing outside all morning at my Dad's, we visited a couple of our favorite spots in Denver.  First we took the girls to Washington Park. I used to live right up the street from this park and we also spent a lot of time here as kids, so I have a lot of great memories at Wash Park.

After Wash Park we went to the downtown REI. We browsed the store, but mostly hung out by the river and watched people tube and swim down the rapids.We hung out there until it started raining on us.

A big thanks to Dad and Eileen for letting us come stay with them for a couple of days!  It was so nice to spend some time at your house!  We love you!

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