Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Family Visiting- Day 1

We had the joy of having my brother and his family spend a couple of days with us at our house. The cousins had so much fun playing until their hearts content! They were so fun to watch together. The last time we saw them Avery and Kyle were just babies!

 Sophie meeting her Uncle Dave and Aunt Cathy for the first time!
 Uncle Dave making her laugh!

The first afternoon they were in town we decided to take them to Palmer Lake. Sadly, the lake was practically empty. We don't know if they were taking water from the lake to fight the Waldo Canyon Fire or if it's dried up from lack of rain, but it was a sad sight!  So instead of having fun throwing rocks into the lake, we had fun on the playground. 
 Such a great Daddy!

 Kyle learning about a "sick" lake.

Waving to "Thomas" the train!

  Uncle Dave swinging them way high! 

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