Thursday, April 21, 2011

Two sweet girly rooms!

So, I'm finally posting photos of the almost complete girly rooms! There are still some finishing touches, but I wanted to make sure to take photos before our life gets really busy!

First, Avery's new BIG GIRL room! She has yet to sleep in here; we are waiting to move her to the big girl bed for a little while. Since we plan for baby girl to sleep in our room for the first few months, she has some time to make the transition. We also still need to buy a bed rail.
View from the door

The entire room was inspired by this painting! My talented sister, Steph, painted it for me while I was in college. I have always loved it and thought it was the perfect fit in Avery's BIG GIRL room! As for the bedding, I have had that yellow duvet since I was probably a sophomore in highschool. I used it in college but it hasn't been used since. It's still in great condition so I was happy to be able to use it again! It's a full ,but I'm just making it work on Avery's twin.

The dresser I repainted for her. As you can see I still have 4 new knobs to screw on.

The lamp base was a treasure found at Goodwill and spray painted pink. My Aunt Diana helped me with the lamp. We bought the plain white shade and target and then added detail. My Aunt is very creative! She helped me decide on the detail and then we super glued away!

I recovered Avery's letters with scrapbook paper. Very easy way to make cute letters. They were originally painted to match her old room.

I love tissue flowers. So easy to make and super cheap decor!

Obviously this shelf is incomplete, as you can see the plastic underneath. It still needs another coat or two of paint. I have procrastinated, but it will eventually get finished. I also wanted to buy a couple of storage bins to fill in some space.

I spray painted the frame...

Now, here is the baby room! I added a few details to make it different from the way it looked originally for Avery. It also needs the final touches, but it's getting close. Once we figure out baby girl's name, I will make letters to hang above the crib.

View from the door

The art I painted for Avery and handmade tissue flowers...

Soon, the pile of books that you see will have some organization. I just need to spray paint a treasure my mom found for me to use.

3D photos of baby girl!

So there you go! Their rooms are almost finished!

It's been fun nesting and getting ready for our 2nd little daughter! Avery loves playing in her big girl room. I will let you know when she actually starts sleeping in there! :)


Cailan said...

The dresser turned out so pretty, Ashley! and I love the detail on the pink lamp - so fun. Way to go getting Both rooms all put together before the new baby!

Audra and Roger said...

Super cute Ashley! I am so inspired:) I think I spotted a beautiful piece of artwork over Avery's new bed that you didn't talk about, did you paint that too?

meg + andy said...

Ash! you've done SO much! Avery's room is so cute! i love her bed and what you did with the lamp! And baby's room is so sweet! i can't wait to see her! :)