Sunday, April 24, 2011

He is RISEN!

What a sweet day to celebrate that Jesus is ALIVE! We had a great Easter, but unfortunately, considering the nature of Gabe's job, we don't get to spend it all together. Just like last year, I took Avery to early church service and then went up to Denver to see my family. It's always sad leaving Gabe behind, but Easter is obviously one of his busiest days of the year! Before church we ate breakfast together and watched Avery dig into her Easter Basket.

Our family photo at church

As usual, Avery had a lot of fun at Grandma and Grandpa's house. She hunted for Easter eggs, ate a lot of jelly beans, played guitar with Grandpa, rode on her favorite cow and kept herself busy playing for a very long time. She exhausted herself, she actually fell asleep on the way home which she never does anymore! It was so cute to hear her calling them "Grandpa" and "Grandma". She is talking so much these days. At one point, while we were waching golf, she walked up to Grandpa and said "Hi Grandpa", it was so cute!

With her Auntie Ashie and Stevie, Ashley's friend from college

She loves riding on this cow. They have had this cow since my little sister Maddie was Avery's age! So happy they didn't get rid of it!

Like always...Grandpa was cracking Avery up!

After I pick Avery up from her class at church, she is always so excited to go find Daddy where he holds his service. She has no problem getting up on stage and playing with Daddy! She loves it! She had the whole stage to herself!

I tried to get some photos of her before church. She wasn't interested in looking at me!

She was too busy talking about the "treats" inside her eggs!

We dyed Easter eggs on Good Friday. This was Avery's first time dying eggs!

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