Tuesday, April 5, 2011

31 and 32!

We are growing everyday! Last week was a rough one. I had some unexplained abdominal/back pain, which was quite concerning. After a trip to the hospital, pain meds, and an ultrasound, I'm happy to announce everything is fine and healthy with our baby girl and myself. The pain is nearly gone, as long as I don't push myself too much! I'm so thankful! The pain had me in tears! Sweet Avery asked me over and over..."Momma ok?". She has such a sweet and caring heart! And not to mention my husband, what a caring man! He really took care of me and did all that he could do to help. Thanks Gabe!! I'm happy to be feeling better and from now on I'm going to listen to my body.

I'm excited...we are getting closer to deciding on our baby girls name! We thought we knew it, but had second thoughts. She's going to have a beautiful name!

32 weeks

This is pretty much what I looked liked all last week! Yikes, it was a rough one!

31 weeks


Audra and Roger said...

Ash, I think you look gorgeous in both of these pictures:) I followed your link to Avery's prayer for baby sister and read through a few of Gabe's blogs - I just love how every time he talks about you he mentions over and over how beautiful you are! You two are just so sweet. All my love and prayers for your growing family!

meg + andy said...

ash, i was thinking the same thing as audra-you have such a sweet family and you ARE such a beautiful momma! glad you're feeling better, hope you're still taking it easy!
love you!