Sunday, March 6, 2011

Avery's 2nd Birthday Party

This year we decided a small and simple family birthday party would be best for Avery. We went all out last year with her 1st party (see here), so we thought it would be okay to keep it simple! It ended up being a blast. Avery got to celebrate her birthday with all of her grandparents, plus my Aunt Diana and Uncle Don. It is such a blessing to live close enough so everyone of her grandparents could come! We of course missed all of her Aunts and Uncles and wished they all lived closer! You will probably notice I reused some of her decorations from last year! Other than that I didn't do much besides a few streamers and xballoons and still Gabe made fun of me because I said it was going to be a "super simple" party. For a birthday party you have to have some decorations, right? Trust me, it was simple. We enjoyed pizza and ice cream cake. Most importantly, Avery had a great time; she was a ball of energy and entertainment!
Thank you all for coming to celebrate with us and for all your sweet gifts! We love you all!!


Grandma and Grandpa

Muttie and Pop Pop

Aunt D and Uncle Don

Entertaining everyone!

Yaya got her a harmonica, which she loved!

Yummy ice cream cake!

Eating pizza surrounded by her grandparents!

Checking out her new Noah's Ark table from Muttie and Pop Pop

Playing with Yaya before her party


radn said...

She is so cute!

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meg + andy said...

awww ash, she is such a cute birthday girl! can you believe how big our girls are getting?! i wish they could play together all the time! :)

Steph Shaw said...

Happy birthday pretty girl Avery! I love you!