Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fun Weekend in Greeley

Last weekend Avery and I went up to Greeley to hang out for a few days with Yaya! Gabe went to Philidelphia with his Dad to attend the College Wrestling National Championships, so it was the perfect weekend to get away and spend some time with my mom! The weekend was filled with seeing friends, visitng my mom at her school, going out to eat, playing outside with the kitty cats, going to the park, going to the COZY COW dairy farm and simply hanging out. I only took photos of our adventure to the dairy farm, it is a small farm just outside of Greeley. It was a great day to go because we were practically the only people there. We watched the process of the cows being milked, pet the cows and best of all, ate yummy ice cream!! Avery loved seeing the cows, but she was not about to pet them. It was a very cute dairy farm; Avery still hasn't stopped talking about the moo cows!

Thanks Mom for such a fun weekend and treating us to everything!! We love you so much and love visiting Yaya's house!

Gabe and I think this photo below shows what it's going to be like a few (hopefully A LOT more than a few) years from now. Except it won't be cows who are prying for her attention, it will be BOYS! Yikes!

Yaya teaching Avery how to feed the cows...

All the cows came over to say hi to us! My mom thought this was funny...I will certainly have milk very soon! :)

My mom also thought this would be a funny photo. Lately I have been feeling a lot like a MOO COW because I'm getting so large! I'm 30 weeks here.

Having fun watching the cows being milked...

"Hi cows"

Happy St. Patty's Day!!

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