Saturday, December 4, 2010

Whoa...what a whirlwind!

The past month has been absolutely crazy! After we took our trip to Breckenridge, I got news that Dixie (the yellow lab we got when I was 15) had to be put down. We took a weekend trip to Kansas to spend time with the Jenkins side of the family. We moved. I made it out of the first trimester! I decorated the house for Christmas. Gabe started wrestling season. Avery unfortunately had her first ride in an ambulance. Wow...I'm tired! It has seriously been a whirlwind! But, we made it! Thankfully, today my mom came down! It was such a fun and refreshing day, which Avery and I both needed. Gabe had a wrestling tournament all day.

(this photo was taken this summer)

Dixie lived a good long life of 12 years, but I'm sure going to miss our D Dog!!

We are enjoying getting settled in our new home and I will definitely post photos soon. I haven't gotten around to taking any yet!

Avery and I are recovered from the traumatic ambulance experience. She suffered a febrile seizure which is caused by an extremely high fever. It was the scariest moment yet for me as a mom, I'm just thankful God gave me wisdom in the decisions I had to make....quick decisions!! For all you moms out there...if your child ever has a high fever, I learned that motrin brings down fevers much faster than tylenol. I wish I would have known that, but now I do! I'm just thankful our baby girl is ok! Yes, I still think she's a baby, even though she is obviously turning too quickly into a little girl!

Ready for a tea party!

Yes...you read that correctly! I am officially out of the first trimester! We are excited to be expecting Baby J #2 at the end of May!!


Anonymous said...

ok, ok...I had to read that first paragraph a million times to make sure I read trimester correctly! :) Congrats to you guys. We sure miss being close by and a part of your lives but it is fun to keep up through blogs and such. I can't wait to see your new home and am sure glad that Avery is ok (and thanks for the advice too..who knew?!).

Love to you all from the Farmers :)

The Botts Family said...

Hey Ashley! CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy!! How exciting to welcome a new little one into your family. I feel like this second one has definitely gone by quickly. I hope you're feeling well!

Jenn said...

CONGRATS! Such great and exciting news!