Monday, December 13, 2010

Hotel Boulderado

Yesterday we continued the Christmas tradition of going to the Boulderado for tea. My Mom started this fun girls tradition a couple of years ago. Now its just the two of us since Jenny moved to Durango. It will be fun once Avery is big enough to go with us! But for now, I enjoyed the time with my mom. It was such a relaxing and much needed afternoon at tea! The Boulderado is such a beautiful and cozy hotel!
Avery spent the afternoon with Grandma and Grandpa! She had a blast! I wish I had some photos to show you how happy she was when I picked her up. She played all day with no nap and was still such a happy girl!

Not sure if you can tell...but I definitely have a baby bump now!


Hotel Boulderado said...

Love the photos! You should send some in to our "12 Days of Christmas Tree Photos" Contest on our Facebook page -- one lucky entry will win a complimentary overnight stay at the Boulderado! www.facebook.com/HotelBoulderado

Steph Shaw said...

So cute. Wish I could've been there!