Friday, December 24, 2010

She is on her way...

...to a full recovery!!

Yesterday was successful as far as the surgery went, but it was a rough day. Avery did great in her pre-op room, which I was worried about since she had to stop all drinking and eating the night before. She was very happy with her new "Baby Elmo" that we surprised her with once we got to the hospital.
Once it was time, I was allowed to go back with her as they put her to sleep. She did so well and peacefully went under. They say some kids don't respond well to the gas being held to their face, so I was happy she was peaceful. I told myself i had to stay strong while in the OR, but once I got out to the waiting room I just lost it. It is so hard handing your baby over, even though I did trust the Dr.
Gabe's parents came to be here with us for her surgery day. So we grabbed some breakfast while we waited for the Dr. to come out after the surgery. When the Dr. came out, she said the surgery went very well and she didn't find anything else wrong! Great news! I was anxious to see our girl. Soon ,they came back out and allowed me to go see her in the recovery room. This is where is got very difficult.
She was screaming in so much pain and that pretty much continued for the next hour. I was able to calm her for a minute at a time, but she just didn't know what to do with the pain. Plus her anesthesia was still wearing off and that isn't fun!
Finally she settled down, her vitals were good and we were discharged. I knew she would be much happier once we left the hospital and she definitely was. She fell asleep on our way home and for the remainder of the day she was mostly peaceful. She slept on and off and was extremely cuddly. I couldn't leave her side.
We had a decent night and today she is almost completely back to her old self. Running around, getting into things, etc. I'm so happy to see the joy back in her. She looked like she was in so much pain yesterday. She would say..."eyes, ouweeee". How sad.
Anyway...she is doing much better today and I know its only going to get better. It's a struggle to get her eye drops in, but we are managing!

Thank you all for your prayers! God is good! We have seen that SO clearly throughout this entire experience!
I'm so proud of our girl! She was so strong!

These photos were taken today. You can see her eyes are red on the outside.

These photos were taken before her surgery in the pre-op room....

Feeding her baby Elmo

You can see her right eye is off to the right...

She's got her baby...

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Steph Shaw said...

So happy that her surgery went well! She is so brave (and you are too, momma!).