Saturday, January 16, 2010

Welcome Home Scott!

My brother in law, Scott, came home from Iraq yesterday!! What a powerful celebration to watch his family reunite! We wouldn't have missed it for the world, it was so exciting to welcome Scott home after being deployed for a year. We are so grateful for his service, but we are also very grateful to have him home safely! That is an experience I will never forget! Watching his wife, 3 girlies and son welcome him back. Wow...very powerful! Their family sacrificed a lot in the last year and it brought so much joy to see them all together again!

We love you Scott, we are so happy you are home! Thank you for your service and faithfulness to our country! We look forward to hearing more about your experience during your deployment!


Brody with his Momma

I just love my nieces and nephew Brody!

Brody man fell asleep on his Auntie!

Sweet cousins!

Avery welcoming her Uncle Scott home!

Muttie and Brody

Align CenterWhat a powerful moment for their family!

Powerful reunion...the 3 girls were like little jumping beans. Jumping in unison!

He flew into the Cheyenne, WY airport. So, because the airport was so small, we were able to watch Scott's plane pull up. It was so exciting to see him coming out of the plane!
Giving kisses...

Coloring on Scott's poster

Avery and her Muttie and Pop Pop


Audra and Roger said...

Wow...I get emotional just looking at the pictures! What an exciting weekend for the Jenkins family:)

Steph Shaw said...

Wow, what a powerful homecoming for Scott & the family! Welcome home!