Wednesday, January 20, 2010

First haircut and Blessings!

Some sweet friends of ours, the Verhey's, gave Avery this awesome doll house yesterday! Their girls had outgrown it, so they wanted to bless us with it! They even gave Avery some dolly's to go with it, so sweet! I think she is going to spend a lot of time playing with it as she grows up! What a precious gift.

Avery's hair has really started to grow! She was starting to sport a little bit of a mullet, SO....she got her first haircut from her momma! Here are some photos of the process! I think her new due turned out so cute!

finished product!

the back looks so cute now...she has little waves in there...

growing over her ears...


She's ready for her first haircut!

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Andrew and Meagan said...

wow ash, can you come cut my girls' hair too? both of mine have such stick straight hair that any little mis-cut looks pretty bad. be thankful for avery's little waves!;)

Nathan and Dani said...

Her hair looks so cute! I've been wondering if I should do something about the whole mullet thing too. :) Cute dollhouse too! Nathan interviewed in CS yesterday. We will find out February 22nd where we will be moving, but we are hoping for Colorado Springs. It would be so fun for Jane & Avery to play!!

Steph Shaw said...

Adorable!!!!! I love her little waves in the back - she is soooooooo precious! I miss her so much!