Sunday, January 10, 2010

Auntie Ash's visit

Auntie Ash came to visit on Friday! On Friday we all hung out, enjoyed chili, went to a birthday party and watched a chick flick! Ash stayed over and hung out with me and Avery all day on Saturday! Gabe had a wrestling tournament in Pueblo, so unfortunately he didn't get to hang out with us. Avery had so much fun playing with her Auntie! Thanks so much for coming Ash! It was great to have some sister time with you! :)

Little Ash and Big Ash

Avery has figured out how to "talk" on the phone!

She kept turning away so she could carry on her conversation...

We ate lunch at Chipotle, Avery was making friends as usual!

Snuggle time!
I recently taught Avery how to "snuggle, snuggle" with her blankie...she loves doing it


They are both so happy and so cute!

Playing with Auntie's sunglasses...

Aves and Daddy!

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Steph Shaw said...

Looks like SO much fun - wish I were there to play with you too! Love seeing Ash B & Avery together.