Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Skating in Kansas!

We just got back from staying a night in Kansas with Muttie and Pop Pop. Soon after we arrived, Avery was surprised with a new gift. They got her a walker which she already loves. First she wasn't sure how it worked, but she quickly figured out how to walk with it. Now that we are home, she is walking all over the place! She will be walking on her own in no time!
It was a beautiful 60 degree weather day yesterday, so we spent some time walking around main street. For dinner we enjoyed some great steaks at Big Ed's in Bird City and then got Avery out on Muttie's ice rink for the first time. It was a great day! Avery was once again a joy and a trooper! Thanks for everything Muttie and Pop Pop!
We are now back home and just waiting for the huge SNOW storm we keep hearing about. We are actually praying for BIG SNOW! We would love a white Christmas!

Gabe's parents home. They moved here when Gabe was in 6th grade! It is very nicely decorated for Christmas!

Muttie's "town" skating rink! I's so cool! This is the 3rd or 4th year they have put it up in their lot next to their house. It's open for use by the entire town and the people there love it!

Taking a short snooze on Pop Pop before we hit the road to come home...

Learning how to walk...

Avery and Libby...still a little tired in the morning!

Having fun with Daddy!

Skating with Muttie

Avery and I just scooted around the ice in our shoes...but we had a great time on the rink!

Muttie and Pop Pop!

They got her a figure skating dress!

Exploring all the fun toys...

Helping Daddy put together her new walker!

Opening her gift

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