Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cali- Day 1

Avery and I had a great trip to California! She did absolutely wonderful on both flights, I was so proud of her! On the way out there she only cried a little bit during the landing. She had a blast playing with her Yaya, looking out the window, she fell asleep on my legs for about 20 minutes, and also made friends with the flight attendants. When we got to LAX, we met up with my sister Steph. Avery was excited to see her Auntie. We managed all the baby stuff ( stroller, carseat, etc.) and made our way to our rental car. It took quite awhile to get from LAX to Pasadena, but we made it through crazy traffic! We then met up with my sister in law (Cathy) at In and Out! Yum! Sadly, I didn't get a picture of Avery meeting her Auntie Cathy for the first time. But it was fun to finally see Cathy prego. She is so cute! We spent the rest of the first day just hanging out. Avery jumped in her crib a bit and then decided it would be fun to unpack her entire side of the suitcase. It was really fun to watch!
Later in the evening, we made the trip back to LAX to pick up my other sister, Jenny. It was quite the adventure dealing with LAX traffic once again, but we had some great laughs together!

She was having the time of her life unpacking her clothes!

Having fun jumping in her hotel crib and waving to her Auntie Stephie and Yaya.

At In and Out

So tired!

Playing with Yaya

So excited to be in a airplane for the first time!

Looking at our airplane


Nathan and Dani said...

Love the new pictures!! :) Avery is such a doll! Isn't it funny how much they love to play in clothes? Jane always does that when I'm doing the laundry. Nathan has an interview in Colorado Springs! :) January 19th!

Steph Shaw said...

She did do a great job our little traveling superstar! I LOVED seeing you & Avery! I'm so glad that you came out to Cali with us - I miss you so much already! Way to go AVERY! And way to go ASH first trip with baby!

Steph Shaw said...

Oh, and I loved the part where Aves was unpacking your bag! So adorable