Saturday, December 26, 2009

Avery's First Christmas

Avery's first Christmas was so much fun! We spent the morning at our house with Gabe's parents. I made breakfast for all of us and then Avery opened a few gifts, which were mostly clothes! She has so many toys already so I just got her a few outfits! We spent the rest of the morning just hanging out as a family. Later, we took off to Denver to spend the rest of Christmas at my Dad's. We had a wonderful time there! Avery is so blessed to see all of her grandparents so often! My Dad and Eileen really blessed us for Christmas! Thank you! They also surprised us with a pack n play before we came back home! They bought one for their house and one for us to take home with us. I am so excited to finally own one! It will be great for traveling and even greater for whenever God decides to bless us with a second child since it converts into bassinet and changing table. To be honest, it got me excited! I don't think we are quite ready for #2, but when the time comes...we will be ready! :) Anyway...Happy Birthday DAD, I'm happy we could come stay with you guys! Thank you for everything! We love you guys!
It was a blessing to see so much of our family over Christmas, but we did miss those of you we didn't get to see! We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

I found my two favorite dolls in a closet at my Dad's house, so I introduced Avery to them. She quickly started eating and wrestling them! How funny. I think she liked that they were her size! We brought them home with us!

Fun with Grandpa!

Avery had a blast with this cow. This was my little step sister's when she was little...I'm happy they saved it!

Checking out her new clothes!

She looked so cute in her Merry Christmas jammies!


Andrew and Meagan said...

So sweet. and what an adorable "first christmas" baby! can't wait to see you soon although now i'm feeling kinda sad i won't get to see avery. give her a big squish for me!

Steph Shaw said...

Merry Christmas!! Avery looks SOOOOO cutie pie in her Christmas pjs! Congrats on your first Christmas as a family! LOVE YOU.