Saturday, October 31, 2009

Stinkin Flu

Well...as of yesterday, Avery had a confirmed case of the flu ( most likely H1N1 because that is the only type of flu they are seeing right now). Thankfully we were prompted to take her in. We thought she was running a fever because of her teething. But after awhile and a bit of irritability, we decided to take her temperature again. She was running a 103.7 (Scary) fever. So, we thankfully got her in right away to the doctor. Sure enough...the flu. Poor Avery, has recently gone through a sinus infection, croup, and now the stinkin flu! With the news of the flu, right away I was overwhelmed with fear. And of course, right when I got home, the first story I saw on the news was about the swine flu and the many children that have sadly lost their fight to it. I immediately decided the enemy did not have the right to implant that fear in my heart and mind. Jesus is our healer and he already did everything on the cross to heal Avery from all sickness! I believe she is healed from this stinkin flu and I say in Jesus name, it must LEAVE! Amen!

Here we are...sad that we missed Daddy's football game, but Avery just got done soaking in a nice warm bath!

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Andrew and Meagan said...

POOR baby! she is so precious! i'm glad she's feeling better. We all went through that too- so sad and not fun at all! :(