Sunday, October 11, 2009

Family PHOTOS!

We finally got some family photos taken!


Anonymous said...

I love them!

You all are so BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Audra and Roger said...

What a gorgeous family! I made Strawberry Pretzel Dessert tonight for a baby shower tomorrow - I haven't tried it yet but it looks delicious chilling in the fridge - thank you for the recipe:) Just wondering, do you have a special trick for crunching the pretzels? I tried many different methods but all the while I was thinking "I am sure Ashley has a better way". Love and prayers!

Steph Shaw Johnson said...

So beautiful!! Love them!!!

Audra and Roger said...

The dessert was a hit!!! EVERYONE loved it:)

Andrew and Meagan said...

AHHH! i can't believe how many amazing photos you got! They are adorable! thanks for letting us see them. :)
love, megs

Nathan and Dani said...

Ashley! Your pictures are so beautiful! I want to do that sometime too. I saw your comment about the walking...she started crawling at 6 months. *sigh* It makes our lives pretty busy! :)