Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Road trip to Durango

Over the weekend, Avery and I took a road trip with my mom ( YaYa) to Durango to see Auntie JJ and Uncle Adam. From the Springs it is a 5 1/2 hour drive, but Avery did so good! We made one stop both ways to feed her and I sat in the back with her for a bit, but she was such a trooper the whole weekend. It was fun to see Jenny and Adam's new home. Jenny recently had shoulder surgery, so it gave us a great reason to make the trip!
We were able to see Adam's work, walk around downtown Durango, go to the farmer's market, hike, make homemade ice cream and we saw many houses and neighborhoods that Jenny and Adam are considering. It was a full weekend, but I'm glad we made the trip.
The hike was very beautiful. Many of the aspens around Durango had already lost their leaves, but there was still so many magnificent fall colors! I carried Avery in her Bijorn for the hike; definitely gave me a great workout! I was proud of Yaya, she is only 21 weeks out of her knee surgery and she is already hiking!
It was the longest road trip Avery has ever taken and it was fun and successful!

Uncle Adam teaching Avery how to fish

Loving that apple!

Avery enjoyed nawing on an apple core for the first time! She really liked it!

View of Durango from Fort Lewis College campus


Nathan and Dani said...

Way to go Ashley! A hike with the baby bjorn! :) I wonder when I will ever stop carrying Jane in the baby bjorn! :) She is so precious! You look like a fabulous mommy.

Anonymous said...

you and Avery look so cute in these pics. I bet Gabe wishes he was able to go with you. :)

I am feeling pretty good. I haven't gotten sick just mostly nauseated and really tired. We really DO need to get together. Are there any days that work better for you than others???

Steph Shaw said...

You all look like you had a blast! I wish Kev & I could've been there! Avery is so smily & loving seeing JJ & Adam! Momma looks great, too!!