Monday, July 20, 2009

Grammy and Grandpa's House

Over the weekend, Avery and I went up to Grammy and Grandpa's house to stay for a night. Gabe went to Kansas for a few days to work on a paint job with his Dad, so Avery and I thought it would be fun to go stay at my Dad's house up in Aurora for the first time. Thank you Gabe for working so hard for us...we appreciate you soooo much!
Even though we really missed Daddy, we had a great time staying at my Dads house. She did so well staying in a new place and she just loved playing with everyone! There was definitely an abundance of LOVE to go around!

Avery and Daddy cuddling after we got home, she missed her Daddy!

Watching golf with Grandpa!

Avery just loves her Auntie Ashley! They had so much fun together!

Hanging out on the porch in the morning sun

Avery and Grammy

Cuddling up to Grandpa

She loves to stand up

So much fun with Grammy

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Steph Shaw Johnson said...

Oh I love all of these shots! So cute of everyone -- looks like you all had so much fun.