Monday, September 29, 2008

Beautiful Fall Day

17 weeks pregnant!

We were determined to see the beautiful Colorado fall colors this weekend. So, we headed up to Woodland Park, and had plans to drive around to find the colors as well as a place to hike. We ran into a family from New Life at Quiznos and they ended up giving us directions to their private ranch in Divide, CO. So, after a long venture, we finally found their ranch. It was a beautiful ranch with Aspens everywhere! We had fun taking pictures, with all of the magnificent Aspens, we couldn't help ourselves. The photo bug is starting to grow on Gabe!


SSJ said...

Wow -- those Fall colors are amazing! Looks like you two had a great adventure taking it all in!

Andrew and Meagan said...

These are such great pictures- what a treat to spend time in such a beautiful place!
And Ash, you look sooo cute with your tiny little baby belly. Keep us posted with tummy shots. Only 3 more weeks to go till you find out what you're having!! yea! :)
Love, meagan

The Gerster Family said...

YEA! You have a blog! I'm so thrilled :)

Audra and Roger said...

Well here in Nicaragua we are in the midst of the rainy season, lots of rain and endless green. I must agree that all those Colorado fall colors are beautiful. But not as beautiful as that girl with the little baby belly:) Love it!!!