Friday, September 12, 2008

Wonderful Friends!

This post is way overdue, but its never too late to be thankful for friends! I have known most of these girls since my elementary years! My friend Jess got married this summer, so we finally had a "God Squad" reunion. Yes, I said "God Squad"! In junior high, Jess' mom led a bible study for all of us, which I will forever cherish. This is how we became known as the "God Squad", and we were proud of it! The funny thing is that 4 of us in this picture were actually called the "Snob Squad" in 5th grade. I'm not so proud of that title, but atleast the Lord got ahold of our lives! But, on a more serious note, I will forever cherish these wonderful women. The friendships that we built way back in the day will forever continue. Even though we all went our various ways during our highschool and college years, because we have that strong faith foundation, the Lord has kept each one of these girls in my life. I am so thankful! They each resemble such beautiful characteristics of Christ and I can learn so much from each of them! It is really amazing to watch God direct their lives. Of course, I wish we could see more of eachother. We are all scattered throughout Colorado and Kimmie is always in and out of the country, but I do pray they know how thankful I am for them! I will never forget all the fun memories we have made together, I pray for many more memories to come! Love you girls!

From the left...Amy, Me, Kimmie, Jess, Ash, Megs, Kellie


Andrew and Meagan said...

Love you too Ash! It was so fun to have a mini Godsquad reunion. I'm grateful the Lord has kept us in touch! megs

Audra and Roger said...

Those are some simply incredible women!!! What I wouldn’t do to have been there with ya’ll!