Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Owen's BIRTH day!

I had been dilated to a 3 all week, having contractions, but they wouldn't progress. 
So at 41 weeks, I got induced.

 I had hard labor all night and still wouldn't dilate past 3, so finally at 5:30 am I got the epidural and once I did I progressed very quickly! This was very similar to the girls' births. My body isn't able to relax and do what it needs to do until I get the epidural. For some reason I could still feel my contractions, but not nearly as intense! Always thankful for some relief!

 The girls stayed with our dear friends, the Zachman's. 
Praying before dinner...

 Getting their beds all set up! 
We couldn't be more thankful for them...the girls were beyond excited about having a slumber party while we were in the hospital. 

I needed lipstick on before it was time to push, I was using my phone as a mirror!
I had to hold sweet Owen in for about 30 minutes while we waited for our Doctor to arrive. She got there at 9am and he was born at 9:11am! 

He's here! 
Always such a gift when they first place your baby on you! 
Overwhelming JOY!

He was very pale at first because the cord was around his neck (so neither of us got to cut the cord). Thankfully he pinked up right away so they didn't have to put him on oxygen. He was healthy and strong as can be and we went home from the hospital the next day!

So in love with our sweet boy!

If you want to read Gabe's version of Owen's birth...head over to his blog

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