Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Cousins and Cows

My sister, Steph and her girls Quinlan and Maeve, have been in Colorado visiting for the past week and a half, so the next few posts are going to be full of fun cousin photos!  They stayed at our house for the first week and are now staying with my Mom up in Greeley. It was so wonderful to have so much time with them! We are typically doing very similar activities during our days and always talk about how great it would be to be together! So, a full week together was a blessing! 

 We had a car full of girls ( and baby boy) after picking them up from the airport!

Chick fil a lunch!

Avery loves any chance she can get to use Auntie Stephie's ipad

 So much fun watching these girls play in the yard together!

We didn't plan on eating Chick fil a two days in a row, but when we found out it was Cow Appreciation Day, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to dress up as cows and get free food! It was so much fun, thank you Chick fil a!

 I loved that Gabe led us in all the cow fun! 
He even went out and bought face paint and felt to make our cow spots! 
Such a good man and Daddy!

 My sister Steph and her girlies

Maevie loved her balloon!

 It's impossible to get four little ones to look at the same time!

Gabe said..."this is the one time I can tell my pregnant wife she looks like a cow!"


Anonymous said...

Friend! You are the prettiest cow I have ever seen!

Steph Shaw Johnson said...

Love all of these! Such fun with you.

Steph Shaw Johnson said...

Oh, and props to Gabe for getting us exactly what we needed to be cow clad!