Monday, July 29, 2013

35 Weeks!

Baby BOY is now the size of a large cantaloupe, 19 inches and 5.5 pounds. 

I'm sure you're all thinking, I look more like I have a large watermelon inside my belly! I have had so many people comment about how big I am and say, "Wow, you must be having a HUGE baby". Well, I was given much peace after I had an ultrasound on Friday and found out baby boy is 5 pounds 3 ounces and will probably weigh around 7 pounds when he is born. I'm very thankful to know this! Can any of you women agree that people say some of the weirdest (and not very kind) things to you when you're expecting. To be honest, I often wonder what other women are thinking! I'm definitely to the point where I can't wait for the attention to be shifted to my precious baby. I don't like the fact that I can't go anywhere without someone commenting on my size, etc.  Do any of you feel the same when you're pregnant? 

Sorry, I needed to vent a little! I do believe pregnancy is a beautiful gift and miracle, I just wish people would think through their comments before speaking! :)


Luke and Kins said...

I got so many rude comments from people. Starting at 30 weeks people were asking if I was due any time. Most of them were moms of my patients... You would think they would know not to make rude comments! Don't worry... I'm pretty sure I beat you in the belly size award.

The Stewart Family said...

Why are people rude and inconsiderate at a time you are not feeling the best?!

First you look seriously adorable! I may have had a third if I looked as cute pregnant as you.

Second people have no filter. As hard as it is, just tune them out. I had many situations that I seriously wanted to ask them if they felt that was an appropriate comment to be making to a very pregnant, emotional, hormonal woman!

Third, your family is the cutest thing!