Monday, June 24, 2013

California Trip- Day 2

We stayed at the beautiful Silverado Resort in Napa Valley. They have multiple pools on their property, so the majority of the second day we spent at the pool! A perfect day in my books!


This is my sweet niece Kendall, she is so good with our girls!

Sharing nachos!

After resting and napping, we got ready to head to my Dad's condo for dinner...

The girls played on our patio and explored behind our condo...

Walking over for dinner with cousins...

 Sophie trying out Kyle's scooter...

Wrestling and tickling Aunt Cindy (my half sister) The girls love her!

 Building a "fire" with cousins!

Sophie and Coby deep in conversation!

Jenny and Wade

Maeve and Wade

All of the cousins, only missing baby Audrey.
(Wade, Coby, Maeve, Kendall, Avery, Sophie, Quinlan, and Kyle)

Steph and Maevie

Our attempt at getting a family photo!

 Hugs for Kendall

Love this Maevie girl!

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