Sunday, June 23, 2013

California Trip- Day 1

We got the opportunity to go to California last weekend to celebrate Eileen's (my step-mom) 50th birthday!

 On the way out there we were separated because it was a smaller plane. 
This was Sophie's first time on an airplane and Avery's second.

 They were both very excited to be on the airplane!

Sophie spent most of her time playing on the floor. I went into the flight thinking I would be strict about her being buckled in the entire flight. That idea quickly went out the door when I realized she hated her seat belt. It was either let her play and explore, or have her cry and whine the entire flight...

Our final destination was Napa Valley, but we flew into Sacramento. We hit up an In and Out as soon as we found one!

After lunch, the girls fell fast asleep which they definitely needed after waking up for an early flight. We decided to drive to San Francisco spontaneously since we knew we had plenty of time before more family would be arriving in Napa. Gabe had never seen the Golden Gate bridge and the girls had never seen a beach. We Googled up a beach near Golden Gate bridge and found the perfect spot to see those two beautiful sights! 

 Baker Beach
The girls were way too interested in the water and waves to look for a photo...

 Such a perfect day and special memory for us all!

Once we made it to the resort in Napa, the girls quickly started playing with cousin Quinlan and Kendall!

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Steph Shaw Johnson said...

Such beautiful pictures! Next time we will all have to meet up at that beach together! We loved seeing you.