Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Surgery Day!

 Avery is such a brave girl!
We're so proud of her for going through another eye surgery!

 Little helper carrying sisters backpack

 Heading back to the OR

In recovery. She was in recovery a lot longer this time round. She was very inconsolable for about 2 hours. Just broke my heart and took everything in me not to completely fall apart myself. We were so thankful when we were finally discharged from the hospital. I knew she would do much better after getting home and being disconnected from all of the cords hooked up to her. They were really frustrating to her.  

Gabe's parents were with us at the hospital during her surgery, but they had to get back to Kansas soon after. So Gabe kept Sophie entertained in the lobby and cafeteria. He was able to come back to recovery initially because they made an exception for both of us to be back there with her right when she came out of surgery. Sophie was having a hard time understanding everything, so whenever she saw me she just wanted me to hold her, which I couldn't. Poor girl, she didn't know what was going on. Both girls were such champions!

We are very thankful it went well, without complication. Only time will tell if this surgery was a success. So far, her eyes do look different so we're praying it was successful!

Now it will just take time for her eyes to heal and for the stitches to dissolve. It has been very painful for her, but we are happy that each day gets a little better.  

We have been eating a lot of popsicles, have gone on multiple drives to Starbucks to hit up the frappucino happy hour, and have watched way too many hours of TV and movies. That's all ok when recovering though, right?  


And just to help you remember how little she was for her first surgery...You can click here to see more photos!


meg + andy said...

poor girl! she is so precious. glad she's starting to feel better...praying the surgery was a success! :)

Steph Shaw Johnson said...

Love you Aves!