Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Pre-op Appointments

Avery had her second eye surgery last Friday. In case you're wondering why, she has Exotropia. Basically both of her eyes drift outward. So for the first surgery (when she was 18 months old), they loosened her outer eye muscles. Unfortunately that first surgery wasn't a success. So after patching her eyes for a couple of years and little to no improvement, her eye doctor decided another surgery would be the best option. Hesitantly and after substantial prayer, we decided to go through with another surgery. This time, they tightened her inner eye muscles. Just typing that makes me even more amazed that it can actually be done. I'm very thankful for talented doctors who go through years of schooling to do these types of surgeries. It's amazing! 

Prior to surgery, we had to go to a few pre-op appointments. The first was with her pediatrician to make sure she is in complete good health before surgery. The second was a pre-op with her eye doctor. She was completely healthy until going to these appointments. The few days prior to surgery she came down with a fever. So, we spent a few days secluded at home trying to get her back to good health so we could go through with the surgery.  

At the appointment with her pediatrician

At her eye doctor pre-op appointment ( she loves that dress, this is on a different day!)

Both girls weren't feeling well for a few days leading up to Avery's surgery. They love using little brother as a pillow!

Finally they are feeling better the day before surgery. I took them out for donuts!

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Steph Shaw said...

You're so brave, sweet Avery! And, what a joyful helper little Sophie is. I am so glad to see that you are getting better by the day. We love you!