Monday, April 22, 2013

Ultrasound Day

We of course didn't find out that we were having a BOY at our 20 week ultrasound, but we had the technician write it down on a card I made and took that right away to the bakery without looking! Neither of us were tempted to peek because we were so excited about cutting the cake and finding out at the party!  

We also told the technician to tell us to look away from the ultrasound screen while she was looking for the gender. I know I would have recognized if it was another girl. 

It was such a special morning for our family; the girls loved seeing baby on the screen. Avery asked if the ultrasound was putting peanut butter on my tummy, such a funny moment! 

 I decided to wear blue to our appointment since I was planning on wearing pink for the reveal party.

Excited to see baby and excited about their suckers!

What is baby? 

Most of all, beyond all the excitement about finding out baby's gender, we are so thankful for a healthy baby!

Immediately after the appointment we took the envelope to the bakery and anxiously awaited the big reveal!

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