Wednesday, April 24, 2013

30th Birthday + Gender Reveal Party!

My sweet Gabe was insistent on throwing me a 30th Birthday party. I really didn't want a party! The only way I agreed to having a party is if it was also a reveal party to find out our baby's gender. Once he agreed, I was excited for the party after all! I basically only considered it a reveal party but he was very honoring to me at the party as well. It was such a blessing of a night and so fun to share the memory with close family and friends!

Thank you Gabe for making this night so special for me!  And also a huge thank you to Jessica and John Zachman for decorating; it was such a beautiful party!

Enough talking...I have so many photos...

 We had everyone pick a TEAM, and either wear pink or blue to the party.  
Avery was on team pink and Sophie chose team blue!

Throughout my pregnancy I kept going back and forth about boy or girl, but assumed we had a better chance of having a girl.
 Gabe and I both dressed 75% boy/girl and 25% the other...
The amazing, Jessica!

Here we go...let's find out what this baby is! 
Just to make sure you know...we had no idea what baby was. Only the baker knew from the envelope!

 It's BLUE!  
Gabe was so shocked he jumped out of the photo! :) 

Avery and Sophie were so patient, waiting to dig into the cake! 
Once it was cut, we just let them go for it! 

 Team BLUE!

Team PINK!

Billy and Rudilee!  
Now we'll both have two girls and a BOY!

 Love my Mom!

  Whitney and Laura

Lex and Clark

And just in case you missed it, here is the video of the big reveal!

Such an amazing and fun night!!


Steph Shaw said...

Congrats! Love all the pictures and we are so excited for baby boy Jenkins!

The Stewart Family said...

I love all this!! What an adorable way to reveal.

Also, you are the CUTEST pregnant lady I have ever seen. I may consider having more children if I looked like the picture perfect pregnant woman. Gorgeous!!!!

Drew Watts said...

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