Tuesday, September 25, 2012

First Day of Preschool!

Avery started preschool!  It's still setting in that we now have a preschooler, but we're all very excited about it! I am involved in a preschool coop, which is a HUGE blessing! There are 30 other mom's, two 4 year old classes and one 3 year old class. She will have school two mornings a week. In order to be in the coop, each Mom commits to teaching two weeks (4 classes) each semester. I'm teaching the first session, so I am one of Avery's first teachers! It's been fun to see her in the school setting, but it will also be really good for her to have different teachers. I'm just very thankful to be a part of such an organized coop, by experienced Mom's who have education backgrounds. I'm excited for Avery; she's going to learn so much! 
She's growing up way too fast!

Here she is in her classroom...too cute in her backpack!
We couldn't be more proud of you, Avery! We love you!


The Botts Family said...

What a neat idea!! And such a cutie. They definitely grow up too quickly!

Audra and Roger said...

Can't wait to hear about how teaching preschool goes - so fun that you get to be Avery's teacher:)