Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Durango- Part I

We took a trip to Durango a couple of weeks ago to see my sister and her family. They recently welcomed their 2nd boy, sweet Wade, so we were super excited to meet him for the first time! After driving about 6 hours, without letting the girls out of the car, we decided to stop in Pagosa Springs to stretch our legs and grab a quick Subway dinner. It was the perfect place for us all to take a break from being in the car. Thankfully, they both did amazing in the car (with little to no sleeping!) 

Sophie didn't sleep a single minute on the way...

Excited to see cousins!

 Beautiful drive!

Pagosa Springs

We decided we want to take the girls to the resort you can see in the background when they are bigger. So many hot spring pools and hot tubs. Looks like a blast!
The girls loved running around this fountain...you can see Avery on the other side!

I have never seen such an amazing sunset! So beautiful, we had to pull over on the way out of Pagosa Springs to get a photo! Absolutely breathtaking!

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Steph Shaw said...

Looks like such a gorgeous trip! Aves & Sophie are such troopers!