Sunday, June 10, 2012

Chicken POX!

Our poor girls came down with the chicken pox this week.  Bizarre I know, but we hadn't gotten them vaccinated for chicken pox and now we won't have to worry about doing that!  Sophie got them first and definitely had a greater amount of pox than Avery. The hard part was they both had them in their mouths and lost their appetites for a couple of days. Also, before the pox showed up they both had a couple of days of fevers and that is never fun for anyone. Thankfully, they're both healing up very well and we're out of the contagious phase. We all don't do well with being trapped at home, so we're so happy we can get out and about again!  I'm happy they're back to themselves and feeling much better. It was hard to see Avery in so much pain and discomfort from her pox on her feet. She had a couple a really rough nights! Sweet Sophie didn't seem too phased by all of her pox, which is surprising because she had so many!

 You can see her pox all over her legs...

 on her face and hands...

Avery's pox hadn't broken out very much at this point, but we're so thankful they weren't as bad as Sophie's.

After a week at home, we got the girls out of the house and met Muttie and Pop Pop up in Denver at the Spaghetti Factory. They went to the Rockies game after dinner and we took the girls to the 16th Street Mall to walk around. It was a perfect and much needed outing for all of us! 

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