Saturday, June 9, 2012

Elephant Rock 2012

I completed my 5th Elephant Rock Ride last weekend (2005,2006,2008,2010,2012). It's fun to look back at the years with some years skipped in order to get married and have two sweet girlies!  I've still only done the 62 mile course, but I keep saying one of these years I will do the century. The 62 mile is such a great and fun ride though, so it's hard to change it up!  Regardless, this will be a ride I continue to do.  This year I rode with my Mom and friend Laura. Gabe was registered to ride, but was unable to take the day off from work which was a bummer! I'm thankful Gabe's Mom came out from Kansas to stay with the girls so that I could ride! Thank you Muttie! 
  As always I feel so alive and joyful while on my bike. I've been cycling now for 9 years, but it's so funny to think back about 11 years when I remember saying to my mom, " I will never wear those crazy cycling shorts and outfits". Well here I am, embracing and loving the cycling culture. I get a thrill out of being on my bike, charging up hills, down hills, and taking in this beautiful state that we live in.  I can't think of a better way to challenge myself while taking in such gorgeous scenery. Elephant Rock is just such a beautiful ride! We were really blessed with perfect weather as well; so thankful we didn't have wind!  

1st rest stop

Palmer Lake

Finish line

The night before the ride, Gabe and I went up to Denver to celebrate the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Stout! My sweet friend Ashley got married! It was such a beautiful wedding and so fun to go on a date with my husband! 

This weekend wouldn't have been possible without Gabe's Mom! Thank you, thank you for coming to watch the girls, especially while they were both coming down with sickness (which we now know what the CHICKEN POX!). We love you!

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