Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Denver Zoo with friends!

On Monday we met my friend Dani and her two sweet kids at the Denver Zoo! Dani and I have known each other since junior high. We lost touch for many years through college, but reconnected through our blogs and motherhood a few years back. They lived in Colorado Springs last year so we got together for play-dates often. We sure miss those weekly play-dates! They moved to Greeley last August so the girls had not seen each other since then. We have talked about meeting up in Denver ever since and we finally made it happen! The girls didn't skip a beat. They are such sweet friends and so fun to watch them together now that they are getting older. It was also fun to watch Henry and Sophie smile and "flirt" with one another. So cute! It was such a beautiful day for the zoo; we enjoyed every minute of it! As you will see...in the MANY photos I captured!  Let's meet again soon, we miss you guys!
Dani and Henry

They loved watching the polar bear play.

Love how they both have their hands in their mouths!

Henry wanted Sophie closer! So cute!

Trying to get all 4 kids on the hippo!

Fun on the carousel! 
I still couldn't convince Avery to ride on an animal, maybe the next time we go.

The girls both fit on the bench of their stroller...the "choo choo stroller" as Avery calls it.

Henry is so cute in his hat!

Yummy ice cream!

The girls feet got all dirty, so as we were walking out of the zoo, they sat down together to clean them off! Too cute!

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