Monday, September 7, 2009

It's official...the season has begun!

Even though the football "season" for coaches really starts back in June, we have now officially started the season! We had our first football game of the season on Friday against Ponderosa. Unfortunately the final score was not in our favor, 20 to 14, but I am so proud of the team for the way they fought! Gabe's defense played so well! It was such a joy to me to watch Gabe do what he loves most, COACH! The past 4 years he has been a JV defensive coordinator as well as a Varsity assistant coach for Pine Creek. This is his first year being a Varsity defensive coordinator for a 5A team, Rampart! He has already worked so hard and has put in many long hours studying football strategy. I have a new name for him, "Mr. X & O". This new position comes along with a much greater responsibility, commitment and sacrifice for all of us, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. Watching Gabe down on that field on Friday did something in my heart! I am so thankful to be his wife and fan! I am thankful he gets the opportunity to do what he loves most! He is so good at it and I can't wait to see how God will continue to use this gift He has given to Gabe!

And by the way, the game of football has really grown on me in the past few years! I now get a little nervous during the game! There is something special and intense about cheering on my husband's team....I absolutely love it!

This picture is blurry, but that is Gabe out there huddled up with his defense!

Proud wives!



Anonymous said...

OMGosh you came to parker for the game and didn't call me!?!?! That is like 15 minutes from our house and David even went to the game. Next time you have a game up here let me know and I come by. Miss you!

Steph Shaw Johnson said...

Congrats Gabe on your first game with your new team!

Audra and Roger said...

So fun! I am also finding myself at football games on Friday nights - I am coaching the dance team at my new school. Isn't it fun to still be a part of the Friday night tradition! I am sure Gabe is an awesome witness to his boys - and that your love and support as a wife is also a wonderful witness to God's amazing love!

felicitouschick said...

Oh my goodness! I just found your blog--comment hopping from one that you left a baby name comment on...your daughter looked about the same age as mine, and she is just 1 day apart! I looked through your blog a bit, and realized that your hubs coaches my Alma Mater--Go Rampart! I graduated in 2000 and still have a big place in my heart for Ram football--and my brother coaches varsity football in WY--we have a lot in common--except that I live in rural MN now. Enjoy New Life--there is such a ministry there...just thought I'd say quick hello--there was too much commonality (on the surface) not to! :)