Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Today is a new day for the "Blueberries". Gabe calls us "Blueberries" because of our blue eyes! As of today, I am now working part time (about 16 hours/week) at New Life Church. I am pretty excited about this job. It couldn't be more perfect for the season of life we are in. I am so thankful for the 6 months that I got to stay home full time with Avery, but I had been praying for something to do part time and thankfully the Lord provided in such an amazing way! I desire to be home for the majority of the time, which is why 16 hours is perfect! While I'm working, Avery will be downstairs in the childcare so I will be able to go nurse her and be there for her is she needs me! It's a perfect set-up! I can check on her and see her whenever I want! I will be working in the resource center for the Children's department. My responsibility will be to primarily serve Gabe by preparing whatever he needs for his Sunday morning services. Even more perfect, I get to work with my husband! So that means I will get to see him more often! I will also cross over into the other grade levels and nursery/preschool whenever they need my help. Overall, I'm very excited and thankful for this opportunity. After Avery and I adjust and figure out a schedule, I think it will be very healthy for the both of us! She did great her first day and I pray it just gets easier and easier once we get our schedule set!


Andrew and Meagan said...

oh yay, ash! i'm so thrilled that God provided such a perfect opportunity for you. I'll be praying that the transition etc. goes smoothly! love you!

Anonymous said...

That's great! A perfect scenario. I work from home, and although it's a teeny bit challenging right now (Avalon is still only 3 weeks old) I know it will work out nicely in the long run.

Todd, Erin, Taylor and Kamrynn said...

Congrats! That sounds wonderful! Hope that it continues to go well for both of you!

Audra and Roger said...

What an adorable picture of the blueberries! That really does sound like the perfect job - praise God!

Steph Shaw Johnson said...

Congrats on the new job Moshie & I love how Gabe calls you his "blueberries" so cute.