Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Project #2: Home Office

Gabe is graduating with his Master's in Counseling in just over a week! I decided completing the home office for him would be the perfect gift. It was supposed to remain a surprise entirely, but he got to see a few of the changes gradually because we do have two sweet girls that have a hard time keeping surprises from Daddy! I'll admit, I too was so excited about the big changes, it was hard for me to keep the doors closed and covered!

Here is what we started with...

These photos were taken when we were looking at the house...
One wall has built in bookshelves. 
The wall color is a very dark green, but in very bad shape.

The office is at the top of our stairs. A very central place in the home. Right in between the kids bedrooms and our master bedroom.

I found the desk chair for free and the desk for $10. Eventually I plan to repaint the desk with a fresh coat of black...

 I had to prime the room first! 
 Goodbye green!

It was a challenge to find the right tone of grey. This room is north facing, so many of the greys looked purple. I ended up using Valspar Rugged Suede.  After one coat of primer and two coats of paint, the transformation was amazing! 

Next big thing on the list, change out the light fixtures!  I planned for our sweet friends, Lex and Clark, to come over on a night while Gabe was at class. They were so kind to help put up the new fixtures!



Love the new fixtures! Makes such a huge difference in the room!

 After putting up curtains and wall decor (still trying to find a big piece of artwork for the empty wall) and finding a reading chair on Craigslist, the home office was ready for the big reveal!

View from bottom of stairs. 

Heading in...I covered the windows so he wouldn't see the progress!

I'm so happy he likes it! 

This project was such a joy to complete! 
I'm so proud of Gabe and how hard he's worked to complete his Master's program!
Great job, Gabe!

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Audra and Roger said...

Love it Ash! Can't wait to see the next one.