Thursday, January 30, 2014


January has been an extremely busy and exciting month! 
We are in the process of closing on our very first home! I'll give more details soon, but for now, here is our January in photos...

 Owen is 4 months!

 Owen's 4 month well check appointment...

 Happy Birthday to Gabe! 
His Mom blessed us with a wonderful meal at the Broadmoor for his birthday! Of course, Owen got to join us!

 The girls having a "donut date" at their own table on Daddy's birthday...

 Go Broncos!

Three sweeties in the tub!

 This girl can dance!

A lot of packing going on...

 Thankful for a day of beautiful weather so we could get out and get some fresh air!  The winter can feel so long sometimes..

I pray they're always best friends!


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Mrs. Piggy said...

Owen is getting cuter by the second. Sophie's hair is so blonde!! Loving Avery girl dancin', and 3 sweeties in a tub. I love ya'all's family!Praise Jesus for closing on a house, can't wait to see pics!!!