Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Halloween 2013

On Halloween, we had "animal day" at preschool because we were right in the middle of our animal session. 
Avery dressed up as a lady bug!

We continued our Halloween tradition by going to Chipotle to get half off burritos for dressing up! If you know us well, you know we would never miss a chance for Chipotle, especially when a deal is involved! This year Gabe and I didn't dress up, but the deal goes for kids too! We laughed and said, we're dressed up as exhausted parents of a newborn, so we didn't even need a costume!

Tinker Bell and Minnie Mouse

Our little pumpkin!

 Unfortunately Gabe couldn't go trick-or-treating with us because he had class. We went with some of our neighbors and the girls got more than enough candy!

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