Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday, Avery!

It is SO hard to believe Avery is already 4! 

We woke the birthday girl up with singing, candles and cinnamon rolls...

Pretty nails and toes for the birthday girl!

Working on her new puzzles...

Chipotle for dinner...of course! If you know us well, you know we are chipotle addicts! 

Onward to Chuck E Cheese to have some fun!  We had never taken the girls there so they had an absolute blast! We went early so it wasn't crazy or busy at all. We left just in time for all the Friday night birthday parties to begin. It was the perfect birthday outing for all of us and a joy to watch the girls have so much fun!  

 We ended our night at Lulu's for frozen yogurt.
She was one happy girl!

A few weeks ago we met Gabe's parents in Denver at the Cheescake Factory to celebrate Avery's birthday early...

Avery also got to celebrate with her preschool class. 
We brought cupcakes for snack time! 

 Showing off her new Cinderella doll from Auntie Stephie, Uncle Kevin, Quinny and Maeve!  Thank you for the sweet birthday gift!

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