Monday, February 11, 2013

Time in Greeley

A couple of weeks ago the girls and I went up to Greeley for the weekend. Gabe went on a work trip to Texas, so we thought it would be fun to go see Yaya and get a change of scenery for a few days. Always good to change things up a bit, especially in the winter when I feel like we might go a little crazy! Anyone else ready for the warmer weather? I have found that the winters are a bit challenging for me as a stay at home Momma. It's hard to find things to do, and my girls (especially Avery) likes to be "on the go".  

So, this was the perfect little getaway for us girls. I always enjoy spending time with my Mom as do the girls! 

First, we went to visit my Mom in her 4th grade class. The girls got to meet all of the students and of course Yaya had some "treasures" for them to take home. When we first arrived, they did a fire drill. So the girls got to experience the drill. They did great, but now Avery is VERY concerned about going to Kindergarten. I keep reminding her she isn't even 4 yet, so she doesn't need to worry about fire drill quite yet. :) 

 They each got a snow globe to take home...

They played on the playground...

We also go to see some of our dear friends, the Swishers! We had a fun playdate with them; it was wonderful to catch up and let the kids play! So great to see you guys! Sad I didn't take more photos! Jane made sure Avery dressed up in a princess dress too!


The rest of our visit, we spent time outside, hung out and played at Yaya's, and ate good food and ice cream! And not to forget a fun trip to Target! Thanks Mom for everything! 

One of my favorite sister photos yet...
Sophie wanted Avery to hold her while she drank her bottle.

 Love these girls!

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