Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fall Fun

We've really enjoyed our Fall so far...time for an update!

 We've mostly had beautiful fall days...

 Garden of the God's will always be our happy place!

 The girls love the playground at the church
 Sophie is getting so big, she will go down the slide by herself now!

 Having a picnic with Avery in the playroom. She calls this a "special treat", it only happens if Sophie is asleep during lunchtime. 
 She loves playing in the cabinets!

 One of Avery's favorite things to do: Watch different worship videos on you-tube. She's a huge fan of Kari Jobe! She said her princesses were worshiping!
I love these girls!

 My dear friend, Esther. Went to the best workout class together!
This beauty just never gets old!

 Love date nights with Gabe! Before going to Esther's birthday party, we went up to Park Meadows to shop. We decided this should be our new date destination! It was SO much fun!I hadn't been to an actual mall in FOREVER, so I was a bit excited! My typical shopping location is Target simply out of convenience and it's not easy taking two toddlers to a mall. I don't even attempt it! We only live 40 minutes from Park Meadows, so now that my eyes have been reopened, I'm no longer clothes shopping at Target! A new favorite store...Forever 21!

Happy Birthday Esther! She's such an amazing woman and friend. I'm so blessed to know her!

Avery loves the red mustang in Kansas.

So much joy!

Sweet sister snuggles!


Anonymous said...

Forever 21 is my favorite too! Maybe some day we could meet up and go shopping & have lunch if the guys would watch the kiddos for us.

Steph Shaw said...

Looks like such a great start to your fall! Love all the sister pictures! Miss you