Monday, November 28, 2011

6 Months!

Sophie is now a 6 month old! That's hard to believe! She sure is growing up on us. I tried to take some photos of her the other day; she didn't show off her beautiful smile as much as I wanted, but I captured a few cute ones!

Sophie, you aren't sleeping through the night, but you have made it a couple of full nights. I think you possibly could, but I'm too afraid you will wake your sister up, so I run in there to nurse you right away! You still sleep for long stretches, so I won't complain. You certainly don't mind having some cuddle time with Momma in the middle of the night! We just started you on solids. So far you have enjoyed rice cereal, apples and pears. You love eating your solids! I keep trying to get you to take a bottle, but you won't have anything to do with it. You want the real deal! I will keep trying, just so we can have a little bit of flexibility. But, I'm thankful you nurse so well and you have from the day you were born. I love that sweet time with you. You can roll both ways, but mostly you roll from your back to tummy. You always sleep on your tummy. You have found a deep connection with your thumb! In many ways I'm thankful, but I wonder if I will be saying that when you are 2 and I'm trying to make you stop sucking your thumb. For now, I think you look super cute sucking your thumb! I love you Sophie girl and can't imagine life without you and your sweet spirit! Your smile lights up the room and brings endless joy to my heart! You are a treasure!

And just for fun, I thought I would include a photo of Avery wearing this same outfit. She was 7 months in this photo!


Barb said...

So darn adorable...both little girls!

Enjoy the Christmas season.


megandandy said...

Such a cutie pie! and wow, your two girls really do look different! Both completely beautiful but so unique! :)