Thursday, October 6, 2011

Denver Zoo

We took the girls to the Denver Zoo last weekend with my Mom, Yaya! The last time Avery went to the zoo she was about 15 months, so it was fun to see her watch the animals this time. She loved watching the polar bear swim; she was jumping up and down with excitement! Sophie was dream baby, as usual! She is so chill and pleasant! Such a joy! Avery pushed through her fear of rides (remember the St. Francis Fair) and Yaya was able to convince her to ride the carousel, sitting in the big chair. She didn't want to ride an animal, but was happy to ride in the chair. Once it started and she realized she was safe with Mommy and Daddy, she enjoyed the ride. And of course...we all enjoyed a yummy ice cream cone! That was a must! Thanks Yaya for treating us to the Zoo, we had so much fun!

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meg + andy said...

i love how you have your hair in these pics, ash. you are SO cute!