Monday, August 9, 2010

Copper Triangle

Well...we did it! My mom and I did the Copper Triangle over the weekend! The ride included 80 miles and 3 mountain passes! By far, it was the hardest ride I have ever done, but I really did enjoy it! :) Yes, Vail pass was long and hard...but I would do it all over again! My mom and I rode at our own paces, but we eventually met up so we could finish together!
My mom was so nice to get us a hotel room in Copper Mtn. for the night before. It was fun to spend some time with her. We walked around Copper Village, found a great place to eat pasta, and just relaxed before waking up at 3am for the ride! We had our alarm set for 4:15, but neither of us could sleep, so we just got up to drink tea and stretch before the ride! Thanks mom for a wonderful weekend! We did it!

Check out the course and all the photos I took along the way!

Align Center
We did it!

One more mile to the Vail Pass Summit!!
Almost up Vail Pass...

View from Tennessee Pass...
Heading up Tennessee Pass...

beautiful views along the way...

View from the top of Fremont Pass

The 1st pass...Fremont!

We enjoyed a glass of wine and delicious pasta the night before...

Copper Mtn. is beautiful!

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Audra and Roger said...

Congratulations Ash! The ride looks absolutely beautiful but I can't imagine 80 miles and 3 mountain passes...I can hardly make it through 60 mins of spin class. You're amazing!!!